Main Street Food & Bev

If you are not planning on selling food or alcohol at the festival, proceed to the main vendor page.


Please use this Participation Form to indicate whether you are a business, non-profit, or artisan planning on selling food or alcohol at the festival on June 17th, 2018. Once your application has been received, you will be contacted by a festival representative who will let you know whether your application for participation has been accepted.

2018 Food and Beverage Vendor Prices

$250 for patio extensions with liquor service
$150 for patio extensions with no liquor service
$400 for 10x10 food trucks and tents
$450 for 10x20 food trucks
$200 for small food carts (5x6 or smaller)

For Food providers, you must apply to Car Free Day Vancouver, receive approval, then pay your fee before Car Free Day will submit your Temporary Food Services Application form to Vancouver Coastal Health on your behalf. Temporary food tents/stations and restaurants extending their permit to cook and/or store food outside need to submit this form. 

Food trucks and carts need to upload a copy of their annual Coastal Health permit.

Everyone else, including restaurants looking to only extend their patio (ie waiters bring food to patrons from kitchen), should upload a description of their plans.    

If you plan on selling liquor in a patio extension, you must first apply to Car Free Day Vancouver, receive approval, then pay your fee before the City and Province will approve your liquor extension permits. This link will let you know what you need to get together before you can apply for your liquor extension permit:

Have questions? Email the Main Street Food and Bev Coordinator at


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