Host a Block Party in Kitsilano

Yes, you can host your own neighbourhood block party on Car Free Vancouver Weekend. It's easy! The following steps outline all you need to do.

Step 1 – Contact Us

Email us at or call Lisa at 604-732-5803 and tell us in which block you'd like to hold your Block Party. If it happens that there's already a party taking place in your block, we'll put you in touch with the neighbours who are organising it.

Step 2 – Collect Signatures

If there isn't a party on your block already, collect signatures from your neighbours in support of a party. It's a great way to meet the people on your street and also invite them to the party! We require that you have approval from a majority of the households (at least 2/3) in the block before we can approve the street closure to traffic and send you barricades - trust us, this isn't hard!  Follow the link to the Kitsilano Block Party Sign-off form.

Try and find someone else from the block to help you with this -- it's more fun and it's easier when you share responsibilities. Going door to door for signatures also gives you a chance to get contact information from new people who would like to help plan the party.

We suggest you write up a small notice that you can leave at homes where you couldn't reach anyone. This notice should have info on the time and location of the block party, your contact info and a suggestion that they contact you to sign the form and join in the fun!

Step 3 – Block Party Application Form

Fill out the details of your block party on our on-line application form.

Step 4 - Send Us Your Completed Form

Once you have completed the on-line block party application form and gotten your neighbours to fill out the sign-off form, email the sign-off form with signatures to or email us and we`ll send you the address to mail/drop the form to. The city has put us in charge of the paperwork for all Kits block parties on this weekend, so send all your forms to us no later than June 11th at noon please!

IMPORTANT: Please have your online application and signature sheets to us no later than June 11 at noon so we can be sure to get you the approval required for the barricades and insurance.

Step 5 – Planning

Arrange to meet with your neighbours to plan the fun things you'd like to do for your block party. Check out Car Free Vancouver's Kitsilano Block Party Festival Planning and Ideas Toolkit and Greening your Block Party.

Step 6 – The Event

  • We will deliver your street barricades before the event and pick them up after the event.  Please ensure the barricades are stored in a secure place.
  • Party days are Saturday and Sunday, June 16th & 17th! Set up your barricades and you're ready to go.

That's it!

Get your application in early! The number of block parties may have to be limited. Once we've confirmed receipt of your application and put you on the barricade delivery list, you can carry on with the fun of planning what you want to do with your neighbours.


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