Green Program


Car Free Day's Green Program


IMG_0016_forWeb.jpgCar Free Day continues to take pride in being an environmental festival - free of cars, promoting active transportation, and having a low impact on festival sites around the city.

We believe we can achieve sustainability and change people's behaviour towards recycling and reducing waste while supporting a large community event. We hope to educate the public about moving toward a zero-waste society.

In collaboration with key sustainability partner Vancity, as part of their Zero Waste Events initiative, Car Free Day has become a leader in event waste management in Vancouver. The Zero Waste Events program focuses on supporting events to reduce the amount of waste generated by diverting materials from landfills to be recycled or composted. Thus, this partnership truly embodies the guiding principle of environmental sustainability.

This year Car Free Day will continue working with The Binners’ Project in a capacity building initiative. With growing demand from the public and from cities for events to be socially inclusive, rooted in their communities, and geared towards waste reduction, we feel this is an important and necessary collaboration.


How It Works

  • Food sold on site must be served with utensils and dishes made of compostable materials

  • Festival food booth volunteers are educated about the program and ensure that they recycle and compost as much of their waste as possible.

  • City waste receptacles are closed and the event waste program is used instead

  • Manned recycling and compost stations for landfill diversion by Binners’ Project members and Car Free Day volunteers


IMG_2888_forWeb.jpgThe Results

  • Clean streets after the festival

  • Reduction in waste going to landfill sites

  • A meaningful reduction in each festival’s overall CO2 footprint

  • Yearly increasing landfill diversion rate, last year’s being 82%

  • Education of the public about reducing waste

  • Increased social and economic inclusion

  • Happy, healthy streets


The Binners' Project can be found here: 





Other Initiatives

In addition to the waste management program, Car Free Day continues to challenge our festival teams, vendors, and attendees to see the big picture with regards to their year round and festival-day environmental impact.

As a festival founded on the idea that reducing single occupancy vehicle usage has broad societal and environmental benefits, we remain committed to spreading the message of smart transportation choices. Along with community partner Translink, Car Free Day works toward these goals through information campaigns, having bike valets at every festival site, and keeping festival promotion mostly geared toward local communities.

Car Free Day is also working with Portable Electric, in its capacity as official green power provider, to provide clean power to the events. Gas generators are noisy, smelly, and bad for the environment and Car Free Days hates to see them on our festival sites. With electric generators, we now have a clean, silent, reliable, and emission free option that we encourage all festivals and vendors to adopt.