Getting To Car Free Day

In the spirit of Car Free Day, we encourage attendees to walk, bike, carpool, car share, or take public transportation to our events. Translink has re-routed transit to accommodate our festivals and get you where you need to be!

BEST will have a Bike Valet at all 3 locations so you can bike to the festivals and park your bike in their secure lock ups.

See Translink's bus re-routing below for each festival! Links to re-routing maps have been provided.

Main Street

The Main Street festival runs from Broadway to 30th

BEST Bike Valet will be at 10th & Main on the West side 

Main Street Car Free Day Location

Bus Rerouting:

Effective Sunday June 16, from 9am until 10pm

2019 details:

3 Main: Regular route to Main & Kingsway then via, Kingsway, Fraser, 33 Ave, Main, regular route. map

3 Downtown: Regular route to Main & 33 Ave, then via 33 Ave, Fraser, Kingsway, Main, regular route. map


 Commercial Drive

The Commercial Drive festival runs from Venables to North Grandview

Effective Sunday July 7th, from 9am until 10pm

2019 details: TBA

Car Free Day Commercial Dr Location


West End

The West End festival is on Denman St from Davie to Robson

Car Free Day West End Location

Bus Rerouting:

Effective Saturday June 15, from 8:30am to 8:30pm

2019 details:

5 Robson/6 Downtown: Regular route to Robson and Denman then via Denman, Georgia, Burrard, Davie then regular route (as 6 Downtown). map

6 Davie/5 Downtown: Regular route to Davie & Burrard then via Burrard, Georgia, Denman, Robson then regular route (as 5 Downtown). map

23 Beach: Regular route to Pacific and Hornby then via Hornby, Davie, Cardero, Pendrell, Bidwell to temporary terminus at Davie & Bidwell. map

23 Main St Stn: From temporary terminus on Davie and Bidwell, via Davie, Howe, Pacific then regular



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