Frequently asked questions

Who runs Car Free Day? Are you run by the City?


While we gratefully receive some support from the City of Vancouver, we're independently run by the Car Free Vancouver Society, a nonprofit dedicated to nurturing healthy communities that are designed for people, not just cars. Learn more here.

How do I become a vendor?


Please fill out our vendor or food/beverage vendor application forms to apply. We can't accept applications by email or phone. Find vendor applications for the individual festivals here.

Can I just fill out one application if I'm participating in multiple events?


Unfortunately no. Our application database is set up in a way that we need to keep the different festivals separate. You will, however, receive one initial acceptance email for the festival(s) you applied to.

Why have vendor fees gone up?


Our rates are similar to what events of this size are charging, and we need to review our vendor fees every few years to keep up with the rising costs of operating these events.

Can my band perform?


Maybe! Our stages are run by local businesses, community members and other nonprofits. They program the music, so they chose who plays. You can apply to perform here, but only in the event you are chosen will they reach out to you. We don't have the capacity to send rejection emails, and there's no set date by which you would hear back from a stage manager. Are you interested in running a stage? Please contact us

How do I get there?


We recommend taking public transportation, walking or cycling to the events. All of our events are accessible by multiple transit options, and Translink has re-routed their buses for the day that affect the festival zones. We will have a bike valet at each of our sites as well! 

Where can I park?


We are a car-free event that encourages you to think about how you get around the city, and as such, we don't offer any parking. Please obey local parking laws when finding parking on the side streets, and be respectful of the neighbourhood. Some areas are designated as locals-only, and we have no control over this. New to public transit? Please consult Translink's handy Trip Planner, found here

How can I volunteer?


Please visit this page to sign up to volunteer! We're still a very volunteer-powered festival event with limited staff resources, and we welcome whatever support and time you can give.


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