Car Free Vancouver 2021 Self-Guided Audio Tour Series

Car Free Vancouver Audio Tours

In 2020, Car Free Vancouver Society brought you our WE Live Here: A West End Audio Tour series to encourage and create car-free activities that could be enjoyed safely in the midst of a pandemic. We're continuing the fun again this year with our new Car Free Vancouver Self-Guided Audio Tours!

Local writer, historian, and musician Aaron Chapman will be your host as we weave tales while you weave through the streets of the three unique Vancouver neighbourhoods. 

Download the free Guidigo App from the App Store or Google Play StoreSearch tours for Vancouver, and download the Car Free Festival 2021 Audio Tours.

All tours will remain available until November 3rd, 2021.

How to enjoy this tour

  • Bike or use transit to Audio Tour start points
  • Be mindful of where you stand while listening to your audio.  Leave enough room for social distancing, and safely out of the way of any oncoming bike or pedestrian traffic
  • Use your headphones for the best listening experience
  • Do these tours during daylight hours, mornings through afternoons are best.
  • All tours could be completed in 1 hour, but that’s not including wandering. We suggest you give yourself at least two hours to really enjoy your time in each neighborhood!
  • Pick a nice day with good weather to go on these tours! Wear good walking shoes.  Hydrate!

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Episode 1: East Van

Available from Sept 11th, 2021

With an introduction from Aaron Chapman and a land acknowledgment from Senaqwila Wyss

Featuring Alyssa Martens with Poetry at Trout Lake
and Yazmin Vazquez with A Walk Up The Drive

Where you start:  Trout Lake Beach, John Hendry Park

Distance walking: 2.6kms

Where you end up:  Commercial Drive and 1st Avenue


Guidigo Audio Episode

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Episode 2: Strathcona

Available from Sept 14th, 2021

Featuring Carmel Tanaka with a Historic Walk Along Jackson
and Kapok with Growing Up In Strathcona

Where you start:  487 Alexander Street

Distance walking: 1.9kms

Where you end up:  630 Raymur Avenue - Militant Mothers of Raymur Overpass

Good to know:  The overpass is a little bit steep but wheelchair accessible


Guidigo Audio Episode

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Episode 3: Mount Pleasant

Available from Sept 18th, 2021

Featuring Jaylen Bastos with a tour of Mintage, Hidden Public Gallery and Vancouver's Most Colourful Building.

Where you start: Mintage Mall at 245 East Broadway

Distance walking: 705m

Where you end up:  Jonathan Rogers Park at 8th and Manitoba

Good to know: Mintage Mall on Broadway is not wheelchair accessible. We suggest you still enjoy listening to the audio, but visit the Mintage Commercial location at your convenience another day.


Guidigo Audio Episode

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Thank you

We hope you enjoy these epic tours of East Van, Strathcona and Mount Pleasant. You can let us know what you think by leaving your comments below! 

Special thanks to Kimit at Paperwave Productions.


And thank you to Canadian Heritage for your continued support!

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