What is Car Free Day?

Joey Moore, Car Free Vancouver Society Board member, wrote a guest editorial today for Vancouver is Awesome in response to the question, “What the heck’s up with Car Free Day?” He states:

For me, nothing explains what Car Free Day is, better than that awkward, disorientating moment at the very beginning of the day when the barricades go up and the stream of cars and trucks is gone from the streets. While most adults still are glued to margins on the sidewalk, unsure of what to do, some less tamed child or youth will get on their skateboard, or simply run, right down the yellow-line. This simple, joyful act breaks the spell and the rest of us more disciplined folk spill onto the street.

At the core, this is what Car Free is about – rethinking what streets are and what they might be and allowing us to experience the truth of the Car Free slogan: Less Cars = More Community = Less Cars…

Read the full editorial on Vancouver is Awesome

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