Volunteers needed for West End fest

Wanted: 2 hours of your time.

 We urgently need volunteers to help us keep Denman Street closed to traffic on June 14th so that our community can celebrate! Your donation of a 2 hour shift will make everyone’s day. And, there will be a huge volunteer party after the festival.

To volunteer, please contact westendvol@gmail.com.

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10 Responses to Volunteers needed for West End fest

  1. Perry Crispin says:

    Does this mean that #5 and #6 bus service will be disrupted for the
    day between 10am and 8pm?

    If so, this seems counter-productive for something called
    “Car Free Day”. I have never operated a car in Vancouver and
    have always used public transit.

    Last year I was caught off guard by this event and was forced to
    take a taxi (a car) to work to avoid being late.

    At least this year I’m prepared. I’ll leave early and walk.


    Have a nice party. Maybe it should be held in the park rather than
    on the street.

  2. john bacon says:

    Dear Event organizer
    I fully support your right to have a car free rally.
    I also support the concept of the car free rally. However I dont support the fact that your vollunteers are putting stickers advertising your event on light posts all over the west end.
    First, putting signs on light posts is illegal, and considered littering. There are still stickers on posts from last year. The type of sticker that you used last year and this year do not come off cleanly, leaving a layer of paper when they are removed.
    It defeats the purpose of a car free rally when you are littering all over the neighbourhood.
    As a west end resident, I shouldn’t have to put up with your pollitical agenda when you are disrespecting my right to a litter free neighbourhood.
    I am sure that you understand my position.
    I w;ish you luck and like I said, fully support your right to have a rally.
    Thank you for your thoughtfulness in the future
    John Bacon

  3. R. Paul says:

    It does seem only fair to also call it a “bus-free” day – to clear up any confusion for those who might actually have to get to work or travel further than a few blocks.

    I agree with the first commenter. There does indeed seems to be a rather gaping logic gap at work here.

  4. Greg says:

    Wanting to volunteer in my community with my family we were looking forward to this opportunity. But now reading about one of the performers and looking at their past events this now looks like a drug fest. Maybe you should choose your performers more wisely, Sadly my family will now stay indoors rather than walk outside to see what is going on. Your top billing Kotaman from whistler. Their profile looks nice but when you see people quoting them with marijuana you realize this is no longer family. I have been to many events in the west side but this does not belong in a family event. I am sure the mayor would like to know what kind of people or groups you support in your events. So I will forward this to him as well.
    Greg & family
    West end

  5. karen says:

    To those posters who are worried about a lack of transit:

    With the exception of stretch of Denman between Davie and Robson, regular routes will still be running. If you need to travel east you can catc a bus at either Davie and Denman, or Robson and Denman

  6. karen says:

    Greg, I am not sure where you saw the mention of marijuana in relation to Kostaman, but it certainly wouldn’t have been posted by him, or by anyone from Car Free Vancouver.

    A bit more about Kostaman…

    Kostaman and Jana Marie started a non profit charitable society in October 2005 called ‘Bands Against Hunger’ that became an official Society on April 11, 2006 thanks to the help of Local Whistler Lawyer, Nick Davies.

    Their goal is to grow a musical family that glues together musically and helps to create awareness & funds for humanitarian issues in both their community and other communities globally.

  7. Louis says:


    Ignore what you saw about that band and come on out! I doubt there will be public consumption of pot there, you family won’t be exposed to anything like that.

    The more families – the better!



  8. Louis says:

    To everyone here especially those west of Denman.

    This is a bit off topic, so my apoliges in advance. But I am attempting to force an initiative to get RID of the proliferation of STOLEN shopping carts which have invaded our neighbourhood. These are a terrible disturbance of the peace.

    Please visit my blog listed here and get involved. Lean on the Safeway at Davie Street to control their carts like the new Safeway on Robson does. And push the city to treat these carts like the serious disturbance they are. Loby to have all the bins locked up.

    Thank you!


  9. Jon says:

    When can I park on denman after the event

  10. BlissfulGirl says:

    Hi Jon … Denman re-opens to cars (for parking or driving) at 8PM.

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