Old School Roller Disco

Old School Roller Disco coming to Commercial drive at Gravely.  All vinyl DJ sets playing the sweet sounds of disco and down tempo for you to enjoy. Please bring your skates and get down.


Needs some skates?  Check out www.yamunaskate.com, more info at http://burnbc.org/

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8 Responses to Old School Roller Disco

  1. Flower Plow'her says:


  2. DJ K-Tel says:

    DJ K-Tel will be laying down some old school disco all from 45s for ya at this amazing event! Get Down and BOOGIE!!!!!

  3. I wish I could be there. Roller disco is back! Get your skates from http://www.rollergirl.ca, those girls are amazing!

  4. Chelsea says:

    This is so awesome – I hope you have a huge turn-out! We’re telling everyone we know 😀

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  6. once a week i use a roller skate as my exercise -:~

  7. Bench Saw  says:

    roller skating is my sport, this sport is very enjoyable and is a form of exercise too*`-

  8. roller skating is a very enjoying sports and past time too ‘

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