Main Street

Free of charge. Free of boring corporate stuff. Free of cars

And… there we have it. Another successful Car Free Day on Main Street in the books!

The Main Street Car Free team would like to send out special thanks to all of our volunteers and core organizers without whom this festival would not exist. A special thanks goes out to Alba Calvo, Alex Boswell, Alireza Shafaei, Amy Zhang, Arpit Toteja, Aurora Joseph, Bill Martin, Brian Straumford, Brittany Whitmore, Carlos Cano, Cathy Li, Cindy Cheung, David Chaney, Dawn Force, Edward Yuen, Etie Leyland, Eyal Lebel, Greg Scott, Iain Ferguson, Ignatius But, Isaac Lai, Itay Wand, Jared Byrne, Jenny Au, Jessica Dawson, Jessica Ho, JiEun Lee, Jim Tu, JiYeon Kim, Jodelene Weir, Joey Moore, Johanna Vortel, Julia Boswell, Kathi Carrico, Laura Van Wensveen, Lily Canan Reynolds, Linda Chow, Maegan O’Neil, Matthew Carrico, Meghan Woods, Monique Cheema, Nick Ellis, Pascal Roussel, Pavan Athwal, Prya Athwal, Rohit Joseph, Ruthie Tabata, Safiya Hopfe, Sanjana Akella, Sean Ellis, Vince Patterson, and YoungJu Han.

As well, we would like to thank key supporters: the Car Free Vancouver Society, its board and committee members; Cael, Stephanie, and Rick from the city’s Special Events office; Kara, Lynn, Jared, and their team at the Mount Pleasant BIA; Jessica, Anita, and Kiran from Vancity; Nick and Dimitri and everyone from Rifflandia; Stephanie, Gary, and Christopher from the Mount Pleasant Community Centre; Jason and Paul from Parallel Rentals; Charmaine and Jude from The Beaumont Studios; Kai and Carey from Oddball Workshop; Denise from Temple of the Modern Girl Boutique; Ross from Village Vancouver; Camila from LOVE; Dave from Sonic Planet Rock School; Jan from Bohemia Gallery; Mary from Watermatters; Craig and everyone from Granville Island Toy Company; Marc, Tara, and Eugene from St. John’s Ambulance; Nola and Lisa from the BC Professional Fire Fighters’ Burn Fund; Mac from the Anza Club; Rob and Ben from Neptoon Records; Ruth and Brian from Floral and Hardy; Simon from the Reef; Katy from Vancouver Performing Stars; Stephanie from BEST; Dave from Red Cat Records; Eugene from Cottage Bistro; Lisa from Giving Gifts; Andy at Ezee Riders; Linh from The Soap Dispensary; Tessa from Shaktea; Poppy from Continental Coffee; Virgilio at the UPS Store on Main; and the morning crew from the Starbucks at 14th and Main.

Also, a big thanks goes out to the following organizations for their kind donations: Afternoon Music, Alchemy Eco-Fashions, Baroness Ashley Hats, Kiki Kids Wear, Coup Salon, Clayzone Ceramics, Moksha Yoga East Vancouver, La Movida Design Studios, Loly’s Little Project, Branches & Knots Trading Co. Ltd., The Gypsy In Me, Seed and Straw Home Market Parties, BALI BALI, Geek Sweets, Juncobeachcraft, Book Warehouse Main Street, Vancouver Canadians, Whole Foods, 2 Polished Beauty, Crow Works, and Yapes Paints.

Sorry if we forgot anyone! Car Free Day is the product of thousands of individual people’s efforts and we thank everyone who helped out with this beautiful community event.

2014 Entertainment and Features

Performance Schedules

Rifflandia Festival Stage (15th)
1pm // Sam Weber
2pm // Rococode
3pm // Minto
4pm // The Roper Show
5pm // Little Wild
6pm // Rennie Foster

Neptoon Records Stage (20th)
12:00 pm – Factories & Alleyways
12:45 pm – Allen Forrester
1:30 pm – Little Wild
2:15 pm – The Flintettes
3:00 pm – Percheron
3:45 pm – Terminal Station
4:30 pm – Ben Rogers
5:15 pm – The WILD NORTH

The Beaumont Studios (Broadway)
11:30 – 12:20 – DJ Eclectik – DJ
12:25 – 1:15 – Ingrid Hakanson – DJ
1:20 – 2:05 – Eli’s Circus – Performer
2:15 – 2:50 – The Sheets – Band
2:55 – 3:00 – Vancouver Burlesques Centre – Dance performance
3 – 3:35 – Dan Ross Band
3:45 – 4:35 – Platform Soul – Band
4:45 – 5:45 – Dubconscience / Hoola – DJs
5:50 – 6:50 – Splitmilk / Woodhead – DJs

Street Fantasy Garden Fashion Show & Village Stage (12th)
12 to 2 pm – Dj David’s Mind
2 to 2:30 – Bubbles Fashion Show featuring
F as in Frank & East Vanity Vintage plus musical guests: Mark & Bobby
2:30 to 3:30 – Dj David’s Mind
3:30 to 4pm – Street Fantasy Garden Fashion Show
flowers provided by Canadian Flowers for Food ,clothing by Kind Clothing
musical guests: Mark & Bobby
4pm to 5pm – Dj’s Wobangs & BasedG0th
5pm – Game of Robes Fashion Show
featuring Kind Clothing & music from Mark & Bobby
6 to 7 pm – Dj’s Wobangs & Basedg0th

BC Firefighters Burn Fund Stage (23rd)
12 – 3:30 – Ray’s band & Burn Fund cheque presentations
3:30 – 5:00 – Animal Atlas
5:00 – 6:30 – Ruffled Feathers

Performing Stars (27th)
11:30 – Preschool Dance Party
12:00 – Family Dance Party
12:30 – Vancouver Performing Stars
1:00 – VPS Class Work
1:30 – Seussical Cast Medley – VPS
2: 00 – Crowned Princess Family Song and Dance
2:30 – Vancouver Performing Stars
3:00 – Hip Hop Demo w/ Megan Drew
3:30 – Julia Walmsley
4:00 – Vancouver Swing Society
4:30 – Vancouver Swing Society

The Sonic Planet Rock School Stage (12th)
12:00 – Murder Of Crowes – teen metal band
12:55 – Kung Pow Dog – teen metal/rock band
1:45 – Ghost Of Gwyneth teen altrock band
2:40 – Squash The Hurricane – teen rock band
3:30 – Ginger Johnson & The Furious Four – teen rock n roll band
4:15- Threadsafe – adult rock band
5:10 – The Dirty Dishes – female adult rock party band

Strathcona Stage (Floral and Hardy Zone) (22nd)
1:00 – The Hall 23 Band
2:00 – Twin Bandit
3:00 – Simon Russell and the Know-How Sugar
4:00 – Gastown Riot
5:00 – Lola Bianco

Main Street Honey Shoppe Schedule (25th)
1:00 – Honey extraction demonstration
2:00 – Live Bee Beard demonstration
3:00 – Honey extraction demonstration
4:00 – Honey extraction demonstration
5:00 – Honey extraction demonstration

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Businesses, Non-profits and Artisans

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Car Free Vancouver Day on Main Street

Photo credit: Christopher Porter

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