Commercial Drive Vendors

Please use this Participation Form to indicate whether you are a business, non-profit or artisan in order to reserve space in the Festival Zone. The festival is on June 21th, 2015. Once your application has been received, you will be contacted by a festival representative who will let you know whether your application for participation has been accepted.

If you plan to serve food or liquor, check out the following links for required applications.

Food Sales Liquor Sales

Fees for Vendors, Non-profits and non-food Businesses

  • Small Non-profit 10×10: $30 or 10×20: $60
  • Large Non-profit, political party, and non-profit vendors: $100
  • Artisans: $75
  • Local Biz: $100
  • Outside Biz 10×10: $200
  • Outside Biz 10×20: Starting at $250

Have questions? Email the Commercial Drive Business Coordinator at