Commercial Drive

Car Free Day Commercial Drive 2015!

Commercial Drive is the birthplace of Car Free Vancouver Day, a festival that has grown to 15 blocks of amazing fun, spanning from Venables to Grandview. Roller Disco, parading drummers, healing gardens, DJ’s spinning beats and all of your friends and neighbours hanging out. Bring your PASSIONS, your ENERGY and your CREATIVITY to the street!

Sunday, June 21st, 2015  12PM-7PM

A Zero Waste Festival

We are very excited to be working again with Green Chair Recycling Inc. to go zero waste. Remember, do not use the metal City bins on the day-of. INSTEAD check out the awesome RECYCLING STATIONS that Green Chair has.

Follow these tips to help:
1) Reduce, reuse and recycle!
2) Hold on to your litter until you find a Recycling Station
3) Make memories, not garbage

Features & Entertainment 2015

Landyachtz Longboards skate jam @5th Ave
Academie Duello – School of Modern Swordplay Swordplay demos by 3rd Ave
– KidsZone @Grandview Park
– Wishing Wellness Garden @ Napier St.
Streets For Everyone bike lane display @3rd Ave
ECCW – Elite Canadian Championship Wrestling @5th Ave
– Bike Valet provided by Better Environmentally Sound Transportation (BEST) @1st Ave.
– Paranada Drumming @Grant
– Axe Capoeira performance 2PM @William St
– Vintage Transit Museum @6th Ave
– Many amazing local businesses, artisans, non-profits and more!

Sound & Stages 2015

  • Tribal Harmonix stage @Venables
    – 12:00 Timothy Wisdom
    – 1:00 Willisist
    – 2:00 That African
    – 3:00 Myles Away
    – 3:45 Smoothie
    – 4:30 Disociate
    – 5:15 Thomas Workshop
    – 6:00 Delhi 2 Dublin
  • Salsa Dancing with DJ Kubanito @Penelope’s on Parker
  • Renzo’s Cafe DJ @Charles St.
  • Public Domain stage @Kitchener St.
    – Sky Shaver
    – Power Duo
    – Assertion
    – Emotionz
    – The Prettys
    – Champion Witch
    Public Domain
  • Roller Disco DJ @Graveley St.
  • DJ Castillo @ 1st Ave
  • CJSF @2nd Ave
  • Community Stage @ 3rd Ave
    – 12-1 – Hint Of Lime
    – 1:30-2:30 – Warless
    – 3-4 – NoRey
    – 4:30-5:30 – Bonfire Ballerina
    – 6-7 – Tatiana Speed
  • The Wise Hall & Lounge @5th Ave
  • Blacklist Beats @Grandview/Central Valley


Video credit: Ronnie Novak

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