Car-Free Commercial Drive! meeting on Wednesday

Hello all, it’s time to reclaim our streets! Just a reminder that the Car Free Commercial Crew will be meeting this Wednesday  Feb 17.

We’ll be contacting you soon down the road for day-of volunteer opportunities, and things like vending and performing…sit tight. This is primarily a meeting to bring new organizers into the mix. So if you are interested and think you might like to step up to an organizing position in some capacity, come meet us and see what you think.

This evolving movement thrives on experimentation and fun. We’d love to meet you and share ideas.

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2 Responses to Car-Free Commercial Drive! meeting on Wednesday

  1. Jack Reid says:

    I live two and a half blocks west of Commercial Drive on William St., and although I enjoy some parts of the event, I REALLY don’t like other parts. A) I hate the name. It is hardly “car free” as there is never any parking around my place on these days and there are always people roaming around in their cars looking for parking spots. There are way more cars in the neighborhood than normal.Also, all the extra goods (food, booze,venders goods,tables, etc.) are brought in by cars and/or trucks. Do you think this stuff just floats onto the Drive on fairy dust? B)Having been to the Main St. event last year, I find the Commercial Dr. event very unorganized. I also liked Main streets positive energy a lot better than The Drives gaggle of ‘I’m against everything’groups.
    Overall I think these events have a bright future, but not advertised as “car free” events. It’s rather, well it’s a lie, they are not car free. Call them something, but “car free”…hardly, not yet, not even close.

  2. Karen says:


    We agree that way too many people drive to the festival! We do everything we can to discourage it. Our promotional posters even tell people to “Don’t drive! Take transit, walk or bike.”

    One of the reasons we branched out to multiple festivals (adding Main, Denman, and Kits) was to try to encourage people to use transit, bike, walking, etc. to get to a festival location that is close to them.

    The festival is completely volunteer-run and organized, and each location aims to appeal to the community in that neighbourhood. If you live near the drive and have strong feelings about what you would or would not like to see at the festival, I encourage you to attend an organizers meeting and have your voice heard!

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