Building Community One Block at a Time

We hope you will see your Car Free Vancouver block party as a launch pad for building stronger and richer ties to your community. Here is an excellent general resource on how to start that process, and below are links to other organizations, networks and resources that you can draw on in the Kitsilano area.

The Citizen’s Handbook. A guide to building community.
An interesting accessible guide to community organizing.

Kitsilano Community Resources

City of Vancouver Kitsilano Community Profile
A good place to get started if you are looking for information on Kits! Public and private schools, childcare resources, community organizations, city construction projects and development proposals — it’s (almost) all here in one place. The site also contains a community calendar where you can view and post information on local events. This site is also your first stop for contact information for the city’s Neighbourhood Integrated Services Team. These are the people to contact if you have questions about area parks, public health, planning, licenses, permits etc.

Kitsilano Community Centre, Fitness Centre and Ice Rink
Go here to find rink and fitness centre schedules and to learn more about the wide variety of programs offered at the community centre.

Kitsilano Neighbourhood House
Our local neighbourhood house offers programs for youth, families and seniors, hosts child care services and support groups, and provides other resources for the Kitsilano community. The Neighbourhood House is also the contact point for the Westside Food Security Collaboration project.

Point Grey Natural Foreshore Society
This group works to preserve the natural landscape of the English Bay foreshore west of Kits Pool. Contact: Penny Perry 604.732.0779

St James Community Square
St James is a community hub for recreational, cultural and educational programs and numerous support groups and services. The centre also provides office space for a wide variety of community groups, and it’s main hall is available for special events.

Society Promoting Environmental Conservation (SPEC)
Kitsilano’s very own environmental organization! SPEC advocates and does research on urban environmental issues ranging from highway expansion to pesticide use. The SPEC building contains an Energy Information Centre and is located next to the City Farmer Compost Demonstration Garden. 2150 Maple street.

Kitsilano Farmer’s Market
Not to be missed if you want fresh local produce from May through October. Located next to Kitsilano Community Centre each Sunday between 10 and 2 pm.

Kitsilano Area Residents’ Associations

Have some questions or concerns you want to discuss with your neighbours? Want to work with others to address issues such as development, health, homeless or traffic in your immediate community? Your local residents’ association may be one place to start the ball rolling.

Kitsilano Point Residents’ Association
This association promotes communication between residents living north of Cornwall and east of Kits’ Beach.
Contact: John Owen (president) 604.736.5630, Lynne Kent (planning and development committee) 604.731.8359

West Kitsilano Residents’ Association
This group serves the residents of Kitsilano living north of Broadway, between Vine and Alma.
Contact: Alayne Keough 604.736.7589

Kitsilano Arbutus Residents’ Association
This group meets the needs of Kits residents living south of Broadway in the area between Burrard and MacDonald.
Contact: Veronica Ross 604.738.6002

Upper Kitsilano Residents’ Association
This association provides a venue for residents living in the area of Kitsilano south of Broadway between MacDonald and Alma.
Contact: Greg Booth 604.733.4123

Links to Kitsilano Shops and Services

Kitsilano Chamber of Commerce
The Chamber of Commerce represents the interests of over 400 businesses in Kitsilano to government and the public. They used to host the annual soap-box derby on 4th Avenue, but have abandoned it as a family oriented community event as of this year.

Kitsilano West Fourth Avenue
This business improvement association represents retail shops and services along 4th Ave, many of which are represented in the site’s on line directory. Kitsilano West Fourth Ave hosts an annual event called Summer of Love, which highlights retail opportunities on the street.
This web site provides a directory of shops and services located near Fourth Avenue and MacDonald Street.
This site offers listings on Kitsilano restaurants, shops and services as well as restaurant reviews and news alerts on Kitsilano happenings.

Car Free and Alternative Transportation Resources

Better Environmentally Sound Transportation
BEST has been continually working to encourage people to walk, cycle, take transit and carpool for over 15 years. It advocates for better services for transit riders, cyclists and pedestrians, and delivers programs to the workplace aimed at reducing trips and promoting ride sharing, and to schools aimed at promoting active transportation. Your best first stop for information on active transportation, and a great resource for information on street reclaiming and traffic calming.

Cooperative Automobile Network
CAN is BC’s own innovative, not for profit, car sharing network. If you only need a car once in a while, CAN may be the solution for you. They have vehicles for every need, including two seaters, sedans, station wagons, mini vans and pickup trucks. Cut yourself free from your personal, carbon emitting ball and chain and you’ve removed the temptation to hop in your car to go get tonight’s video.

Jack Bell Ride-Share
Interested in carpooling or vanpooling in the Lower Mainland, but not sure how to go about it? This is the place for you. Connect with other people going to the same place as you, or register for a seat in one of the society’s own fleet vehicles.

City of Vancouver Traffic Calming Resources
Does your local intersection need a traffic circle? Do you want to get a pedestrian controlled traffic signal installed on your local arterial? Here is where to start the process. (traffic calming) (pedestrian controlled lights)

Kitsilano Yacht Club
Kitsilano’s best kept secret, nestled in next to Kits’ pool on the beach. A perfect location to keep your Laser or outrigger if you want to commute to the West End (or West Van) by water. Lessons for sailors of all levels.

Vancouver Area Cycling Coalition (VACC)
The Vancouver Area Cycling Coalition (VACC) is a volunteer-run non-profit society, whose members work to improve conditions for cycling in the Lower Mainland.

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