2011 Car-Free Vancouver Day

Car Free Vancouver Day 2011

Hello to all Car-Free Superstars!

Car Free Vancouver Day 2011 will once again envelop our town in forward-looking fun, on Sunday June 19th – Father’s Day.

Now is your chance to get involved, get creative, meet some awesome folks, and help co-create the city of your dreams. If you love Car Free Day, please consider stepping up to take a creative leadership role in this amazing event.

Last year’s Car Free Day brought over 250,000 people out to play in the streets, and to change how they see their city. This year we hope to add more nodes and open more space for more people. This is a 100% volunteer organized event, with over 600 volunteers – and we need your help to make this magic happen.

Car Free Vancouver

Photo Credit insidevancouver.ca

Festival Sites

Commercial Drive
Location: Commercial Drive between 1st and Venables
Time:  12pm to 6pm (streets closed from 10am to 8pm)

Main Street
Location: Main Street between 12th Ave. and 29th Ave.
Time: 12pm to 8pm (streets closed from 10am to 10pm)

West End
Location: Denman from Robson St. to Davie St.
Time:  12pm to 6pm (streets closed from 10am to 8pm)

Kitsilano is doing something different for Car Free Day. Instead of closing off a major street, people throughout Kits are hosting individual block parties with their neighbours

Car Free Vancouver Day 2011 Map

Download the flyer [PDF, 1MB]

Car Free After-Party

The Waldorf Hotel
Come to the Car Free Vancouver Day after-party at the Waldorf Hotel, from 8pm onward. Entrance will be $5, but volunteers get in for free. Comes early before it reaches capacity!

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12 Responses to 2011 Car-Free Vancouver Day

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  2. Mary says:

    I would like to know how to apply for setting up a booth to sell jewelry that day. The Commercial Drive location is preferred, but any is ok.


  3. I sell handmade Jewelry. Can you give me info as a vendor?

    Best Regards

  4. ICareForTheWestEnd says:

    I think this cause is great. However, will any of you be cleaning up the West End from your “stickers” that have been posted in and around our beautiful neighborhood? It really breaks my heard that a nice organization and event like this litter our cities with these stickers. Keep the West End free of cars AND CLEAN!

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  6. Dean Darling says:

    I suggest that members of Vancouver City Council think of ways to get people out of their cars during this summer of 2011.

    Regarding Vancouver’s “car-free day”, some people seem to want to stage these events on bus routes; if so, the designation “car-free Sunday” (probably an attempt to appear to be environmentally friendly) is inaccurate, and misleading, since many people will drive their cars to get to, and to depart from, these events. This event is actually a “bus-re-routing Sunday”.

    I think it is naive to assume that most people (except for residents of the respective neighbourhoods) will walk to this “car-free day” street festival. Since this street festival is a recreational, or arts and culture, public entertainment event, and advertised as such, people who live elsewhere need to travel to it (and many will travel by car). If the buses are re-routed, people cannot easily use buses to get to these events. These bus-re-routing events therefore promote car use.

    People will drive to the area of the “car-free day” street festival because the regular buses are not running; they will then have to drive around and around in the streets adjacent to the location, to find parking spaces. This will create traffic congestion, and add to air pollution. What is worse, the re-routed buses, confusingly travelling on streets several blocks away, are diesel-powered. Trolley buses are easier on the environment, yet they are sidelined for the sake of this street festival. Car-use has thereby been promoted, for the sake of this “car-free day” street festival.

    If these street festivals are located on bus routes, they are not car-free events: they are bus-re-routing events, and they promote car use.

    I suggest that members of Vancouver City Council think of ways to get people out of their cars this summer. Simplistic programs such as the “car-free Sunday”, as presently set up, will be very unlikely to accomplish this objective.

    Do you want to promote car use? If so, choose bus routes for the “car-free day” street festival.

    If, however, you really want to encourage car-free travel, then please choose only non-bus routes for the street festival locations.
    Then you will be promoting transit, and discouraging car travel, at least on the “car-free day”.

    Dean Darling
    Suite 805
    1340 Burnaby Street
    Vancouver, B.C.
    V6E 1R1
    (604) 685 – 0688

  7. Tim H says:

    I agree completely with everything Dean said above, so I won’t repeat it.

    I am a West End resident and I have just come back from the local event. While this one is slightly better than previous years, I still oppose the entire concept of the “car-free day” as implemented in 3 of the 4 locations. To be blunt, these events have absolutely nothing to do with being “car-free.” They are nothing more than an opportunity for local businesses to try to make an extra buck, and for various political parties and fringe groups to have a public forum at the expense of the neighbourhood’s peace and quiet. Adding a few (mostly bad and too loud) musical acts does nothing to improve the situation.

    The Kits model of “block parties” on residential streets has some merit, but only if the block is polled ahead of time to get majority approval for the event.

  8. Jessy says:

    Although I support the Care Free Day perhaps the event organizers should show a little consideration for the residence of Main Street as we are entitles to a quiet evening free of loud muisc-8 hours of thumping dance mix is a A BIT MUCH…..
    I see from my window that very few families are on the street right now ( 5:45 pm)so I ask why the extended hours for Main Street Car Free Day?
    Commercial drive and Westend Car Free Day’s are from 12 to 6pm.
    Please consider this for the next Event!!


  9. Joshua says:

    I agree with J.and Tim

    This is a Community family day therefore Very loud music past 6:00 is just not Necessary.

    Just came back from Nesters grocery store -I have no idea who these DJ’s and bands are playing for because there is a hand-full of people on the street.
    As Tim said-a public forum at the expense of the neighbourhood’s peace and quiet. Adding a few (mostly bad and too loud) musical acts does nothing to improve the situation.

    Perhaps they can take the battle of the DJ’s elsewhere after 5.
    It is now past 7pm and the battle of the DJ noise continues….WHY?



  10. M says:

    I agree with the above comments in regards to the loud, thumping (and awful music) I really don’t think it’s necessary. The bass has been rattling my windows for about 8 hours straight now and it’s driving me a little crazy.

  11. Maddy says:

    I would encourage all of the folks who are not entirely happy with the way the events are run now to join our organizing committees. These events are organized 100% by local residents within each neighbourhood.

    Each neighbourhood holds dozens of organizing and volunteer meetings from January through to June, open and advertised to the public.

    We need more folks with more ideas, so here is your time and place to help shape the festival! We post these dates on our website and on your local community centre calendars.


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