2011 Car Free Society AGM Minutes

The 2011 Car Free Society Annual General Meeting was held on November 22nd and Rhizome Cafe. There was a great turnout with lots of faces, new and old, eager to get involved and help with next year’s Car Free Day.

The meeting minutes are posted below for everybody to review. You can also download the minutes here [PDF, 733KB].


  • Intro to Board
  • History of CFV
  • Values, mottos, etc.
  • Review of 2011
  • How board runs, sub-committees, how to get involved

Intro to Board

  • Maddy, Matt, Charlie, Julie, Ross, Joey

History of CFV and Values

  • Started back in 2005, when Gateway was proposed.
  • Was a street hockey game on The Drive.
  • Expanded to a festival, with a political slant.
  • City gave money to organizers to throw more festivals.
  • Grew to multiple locations in Vancouver in 2008.
  • Also to address problem of people driving to The Drive to attend festival.
  • Flat structure.
  • Volunteer driven.
  • No sponsors.
  • Coming up on 5th year of city-wide festivals.
  • Philosophy is that less cars = more community.
  • Looking to expand sites and the project.
  • Use the goodwill generated by festivals to push forward an agenda. That’s the main function of the board.
  • CFV contributed to brining in Mark Lakeman from City in Repair, Portland (at W2 in March, 2011).

Review of 2011

  • This year was great. Each fest was successful.
  • No police incidents – 21 festivals without any major police incidents.
  • This year’s festival was 5 days after Stanley Cup Riot. City was happy that there were no incidents.
  • Lots of festivals within the festival: VegFest, LOVE, Demonstration Village, etc.
  • Lets people envision what happens when a street is shut down.
  • Four sites: The Drive, Kits, Main Street, West End
  • Last year we had North Vancouver, run by one volunteer.
  • Might be a Yaletown, Comox Valley, Nanaimo and Halifax festival this year.
  • We send off a how-to packages to anybody who want to run these.


“It’s not closing a street,
it’s opening a street.”



  • Revenue: $37K
  • Costs: $44K
  • Ran at a loss of about $7K
  • HST had a big impact.
  • Need to find ways to offset increased expenses from the city.
  • Other costs are rental fees, insurance, etc.
  • Need people to help with admin work, financial, writing grant proposals, identify sources.
  • We’ve got $11K in the bank.
  • Revenue channels
  • From merchants at festival time
  • Grant from the city ($10K)
  • Zone vendors, selling tables
  • Kits does block parties instead of festivals.
  • 12-24 block parties, varies from year to year.
  • Looking to expand around the city

Steering Committees

Board is trying to get a lot of work done, but needs to focus on the vision.

  1. Web Crew/Communications
    • Website redesign
    • Email
    • Facebook/Twitter
    • Blogging
  2. Community Outreach
    • Build partnerships
    • Presentations at conferences, schools, etc.
    • Use these outlets to achieve our goals
    • Lobbying city with our partners
  3. Accounting/Development
    • Looking for different revenue streams to sustain festival costs
    • How can we use grant opportunities to offset costs
  4. Festival Organizing Support
    • Helping the festival sites with things like collecting payments from vendors (PayPal), email communication, barricades.
    • Liaising with organizers from each site.
    • Recycling strategy.

Board Positions

  • Can nominate yourself for anything
  • Core board members are people who have done board work in the past
  • 9 people on the board
  • 1 board chair
  • 4 people who work with sub-committees
  • 4 more people who are festival liaisons, 1 from each festival site
  • Board Chair Maddy
  • Accounting & Development – Julie
  • Web – Christian
  • Festival Org Support – Matt
  • Community Outreach – Charlie


Festival Liaisons

  • West End – Katherine or Kelly
  • Main – Joey
  • The Drive – Olivia
  • Kits – Ross

Board will contact sub-committee members in December (check-in) and then steering committees stat in January.


  • Main Street was great last year. Love the idea of a year-round political organization. Get back to that kind of a message.
  • VPSN – see need to do outreach with youth, maybe pool our efforts.

Action Items

  • Send minutes to all attendees, and sub-committee pod heads will contact their pod members to check in.
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